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Fishing on Windrush and Isis Lakes

Fishing on Windrush and Isis Lakes is a truly unique and pleasant experience, from fly fishing rainbow trout on Isis to catching king carp on Windrush. Just a few steps away from your luxury accommodation you can set up on one of the platforms and sit for hours within the well looked after private estate. Fishing on the lakes is only allowed for residents and guests preventing them from being over fished and getting too busy. Night fishing is not permitted and motor boats are not allowed to be used. Although you will be sharing Windrush lake with people kayaking and SUPing it is a large lake with many platforms to fish from.

The lakes hold a good head of carp, perch, roach and trout including the beautifully coloured Koi carp! There are also a few pike and the odd catfish and bream. See below a few photos of fish caught on Windrush and Isis.

For all your supplies there is a fishing shop down the road called Tackle Den

Please make sure you have an official EA fishing license and collect your daily fishing passes from the security hut. See map below showing where the Lake House is. Rainbow lodge is located on the smaller Isis lake on the row of lodges named Fishery.

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